Akron Family Garden Initiative 2017

It’s Garden Soxx time once again!  Each spring our parish partners with Park United Methodist, The Filtrexx Corp. and Kerns Growers on a Ministry called the Akron Family Garden Initiative which provides above-the-ground gardens to at-risk families.  Fresh produce is something which is important to everyone’s diet, but it can be very costly – especially for large families and families on food stamps and limited budgets.  This ministry allows them to grow fresh, healthy produce for themselves and their families and is a great educational opportunity for children.  Each garden is made up of eight 2ft. long mesh tubes (garden soxx) filled with compost which can be placed on any surface which allows the garden to drain.  Planting the garden consists of cutting a whole in the mesh and moving the compost around to accommodate the seeds or plants.  Plants and seeds received include lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and basil.

There are several ways you can help.  1.  The cost for each garden is $50.00 and that includes the soxx, plants, seeds, watering can, instruction book and recipe book.  If you would like to sponsor a garden or half a garden for a family, please make a check out to Immaculate Conception and put “Gardens” on the memo line.  2.  If you would like to share your stewardship on Delivery Day, Saturday, June 3rd, please call the rectory at 330-753-8429.  Deliveries run from 9 am until about 1 pm and are done in teams.  Each team is responsible for delivering and planting the gardens on their schedule.  This is a great family activity and is also a wonderful way to earn service hours.  Even if you can’t lift the soxx, you can help with driving and carrying water cans, seeds, plants and instruction books.  The pictures below will help you understand the process a little better.