Rectory Hours – envelopes – stuff

Hello everyone; we’re missing all of you so much! Please be assured of our prayers for you and we ask that you offer pray for your I.C. family. We encourage you to SERIOUSLY practice social distancing, hand washing, the 6 foot rule, etc. If there’s someone in your neighborhood who is elderly or handicapped and can’t get out for groceries and necessities, be the Church for them and reach out to help.

Our financial situation here is more precarious for 2 reasons: no Bingo + no public Masses = no Bingo income & fewer envelopes. We IMPLORE you to be good stewards of your treasure and drop off or mail in your envelopes on a regular basis. There’s a slot in the back door of the rectory – just open the storm door and drop them in. Because of the financial situation, staff hours are being cut, but pastoral staff will continue to be on the property to answer your questions and take care of your pastoral needs from 9-5, then you can leave a message with the answering service. Everyone here is fine, so far, and we hope to keep it that way by sanitizing, washing hands, spraying, and staying 6 feet from one another!! We’ll be in touch with you on a regular basis. One page bulletins are available at the back door of the rectory.