Guidelines for Worship

Parish doors re-opened last May on Memorial Day. It has been a long haul and we long for the day we can all be together again for worship. Until then, and we have no idea when that will be, we are still under severe restrictions given to us by the diocese and our parish is observing them. PLEASE NOTE: failure to follow these guidelines is a serious breech of protocol and shows a lack of care for yourself and your fellow parishioners and guests. Weekday Masses are celebrated M,W, F at 5:30 and the weekend Masses are Saturday at 5:30, Sunday at 8:30 and 11. We welcome visitors to worship with us and, while we have no idea what guidelines your parish is following, if you want to worship here, the following guidelines MUST BE FOLLOWED or you will be asked to leave. This virus is very much still with us and we want everyone to feel safe when they come through our doors.

Before Mass: take your temperature. If it’s 100.4 F or higher, please stay home.

At Mass:

  1. You MUST wear a mask/ face covering (pull down or up for Communion; put back in place (we have them if you don’t).
  2. You MUST maintain 6 ft. distance and enter by main doors on 16th St. only
  3. You MUST sanitize your hands as you enter – sanitizer bottles are in the holy water fonts.
  4. Place envelopes in basket at front of church, keeping a 6 ft. distance; go to your seat by means of the side isle – no envelopes – go to seat.
  5. Seating is every other pew. Tops of pews for use are marked with yellow tape. Seats are marked with white stickers; sit only where there’s a sticker.
  6. Missalettes only in use.
  7. There will be NO holy water, servers, offertory procession, sign of peace, Communion cup.
  8. Priest will be masked during Communion.
  9. There will be a single file line for Communion – watch tape marks on the floor then split off at the front of the church and go to the priest or Communion minister on the side of the church where you’re sitting. KEEP YOUR MASK ON UNTIL YOU ARE STANDING IN FRONT of the priest or Communion Minister.
  10. Communion will be distributed only in the hand; no Communion on the tongue. If you insist on taking Communion on the tongue you MUST be last in line.
  11. When Mass is over, use any door to exit – leave a 6 ft. distance – out the front doors by the main isle, out the side doors by the side isles.
  12. Please do not socialize in the church building or stay for private prayer. Socialize outside the building, maintaining a 6 ft. distance: no hugging, shaking hands, etc. ; no socializing in the church building.

We understand that people are still very leary about going to public places and rightly so. Please know that the decision to come to Mass is an individual one as the virus is still very much with us. The vulnerable are still vulnerable so if you do not feel safe coming to Mass or fear for your health or the health of a loved one in your home, you are encouraged and welcome to stay home and we respect your decision.

Also, Confessions are heard Saturdays from 9-10 am. Enter through the main door on 16th St. Please wear a mask, sanitize as you come and go (sanitizer bottles are in the holy water fonts), sit only where there’s a sticker, watch the red/green light and enter and leave church by the main doors.