IMPORTANT SURVEY IS NOW LIVE – please participate – deadline extended

Below is a link for the survey and it is unique to our parish; it will be live from 2/17/21 until 4/19/21 at 11:59 pm. We ask that only I.C. parishioners participate as survey results will come back to the parish. If you are from another parish, please contact your parish for information on how to access your survey. Just click on the link!

The Diocese of Cleveland is one of 12-15 dioceses around the country to participate in a pilot program by The Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) entitled Called For More. CLI is an international Catholic ministry founded about 30 years ago to support leaders in the Roman Catholic Church and has received a Lilly Endowment to put forth this project. A major part of Called for More is a survey called the Disciple Maker Index or DMI. This survey or index is meant to be taken by every parishioner and SO WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! The information gathered from the index will be categorized and evaluated by CLI and then given back to the diocese and to the parish in late spring/summer and will be used by Fr. Mike and our ministry leaders as we continue to plan for the future. Please be honest in your answers. The Index should only take 15-20 minutes of your time to complete and will be able to be completed either on-line or on a paper copy which can be picked up at the church or rectory and returned to either place. Please feel free to share this information with other parishioners and even pick up copies for those not yet going out much. This is important so please make every effort to complete the survey. THANK YOU.