Heart of A Shepherd Diocesan Campaign – pledge weekend is near Nov. 20-21

IF YOU ARE NOT COMING TO MASS, PLEASE CONTACT US REGARDING THIS CAMPAIGN AND YOUR PLEDGE. Those coming to Mass have received the brochure and will receive pledge cards the weekend of November 20-21. We need you; everyone can do something! The Diocese of Cleveland, through the Catholic Community Foundation which was established in 2000 to raise funds which provide spiritual, educational and charitable monies for our diocese, has put forth a $30 million campaign entitled, Heart of A Shepherd. This campaign is being released in stages to the parishes in the diocese and our parish is included in this stage. All monies will be collected and directed by the Foundation to ensure funds are distributed to the correct areas of concern. The campaign encompasses 4 areas: Renovation of our Seminaries, Care for Retired Priests, Support of Newly-Ordained Clergy and Support To Our Parish. Much like the Rooted in Faith Campaign, parishioners in every parish are being asked to make a pledge which will be payable over 3 years.

Here are some details about each of the parts, areas, of the campaign: Part 1: Renovate our Seminaries: $20 million has been ear-marked for this project. The buildings housing Borromeo and St. Mary Seminaries are 70 years old and in need of interior renovation of: student rooms, faculty and guest rooms, new furniture, elevators, common lounge and study spaces, laundry rooms and the Chapel. Part II: Care for Retired Priests: $7 million has been ear-marked for this. We have 258 active priests and 97 retired priests in our diocese, many of whom continue to serve after retirement by helping neighboring parishes. The Retired Clergy Pension Fund is not yet fully funded which raises concerns about the pension for future retired priests. Fully funding this will reduce the annual premium that parishes pay. Fr. Sam is retired and Fr. Mike will be retiring. Part III: Support for Newly-Ordained Clergy: $3 million has been ear-marked for this. Many seminarians, like other students, graduate with a debt and that debt ranges from $8000 to $112,000 with the average being $38,000. Since these young men are not going into jobs in corporate America, but into ministry to the Lord and the Church, the debt is very burdensome. These monies will go toward loan repayment assistance for newly-ordained priests. Part IV: Support to Your Parish: In direct response to challenges set forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign will provide opportunities for parishes to raise funds for important local needs. The amount available will depend on the amount raised by each parish respectively.

Thank you.