Distinguished Visitors

Our preschool/daycare center recently welcomed some local heroes – human and canine.  Lenny, Bronson and Riggs, along with their human partners, came by to say hello and teach the children a thing or two about being a police officer.  We discovered that Bronson is the brother of the dog who plays “Bear” on the TV show “Person of Interest.”  We also discovered that Riggs’ partner, Officer Dan Metztger, is a son of the parish!  His grandfather owned Metgzer Pharmacy which was located on Kenmore Blvd. back in the day.  Dan was baptized, received his First Communion and was Confirmed at I.C.  The dogs and their owners live and work together and when the dogs retire, they live out their lives with their partner and his family.

An unusual visitor

If someone came up to you on April Fool’s Day and told you they saw a wild turkey on the the front porch of the rectory, you’d probably think they were playing a trick on you, BUT it’s true!  Our secretary opened the front door to check the mail and low and behold, there was a great big bird sitting on the steps.  She screamed in surprise, the bird jumped off the porch and began to stroll down 17th St.  Fortunately, we had a camera handy and captured these pictures as it walked 17th St. and then into the fenced in area at the far end of the property.  A check on the internet identified it as a wild turkey.  Every day brings new surprises!

Jubilee Mass for Priests

On June 8th, Fr. Mike and his classmates will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their ordination to the priesthood!  Each year the Diocese of Cleveland hosts a Jubilee Mass for priests celebrating 65, 60, 50, 40 and 25 years of service.  This year the Mass was held at St. Basil the Great Church in Brecksville on Tuesday, May 20th.  The church was full of priests, family members and friends of the Jubilarians and the celebration was indeed beautiful and joyful.  Bishop Lennon was the celebrant for the Mass with Bishop Gries concelebrating; Bishop Pilla was also in attendance.  Fr. Joe Kraker, Pastor Emeritus, St. Vincent, Akron, and 50th anniversary Jubilarian, gave a wonderful  homily which reflected on 50 years of priesthood, changes in the church, hope, dreams and many blessings.  The Mass was followed by a luncheon for the Jubilarians and their invited guests.  Congratulations to those honored today and to all priests who have or will be celebrating anniversaries in the coming days and weeks.

90th Anniversary Picnic Pictures!!!

The 90th Anniversary Picnic held August 19th, 2012 was a huge sucess.  Special thanks to the parish Pastoral Council for organizing the event and to all the wonderful stewards who donated their time, talent, and treasure to make this a fun-filled celebration for all.  The afternoon was filled with great food, fun and fellowship.  Take a look at the photos from the picnic!

Keep an eye on the bulletin for more great 90th Anniversary activities.  Contact the rectory for information on how you can help.

Vocations, Symbols, and School

With the 90th anniversary of our parish on the horizon, it is a great time to look back at the people and events that helped us reach this milestone.

We recently added two pages to the history collection here on ickenmore.org.  The first of these outlines the meanings behind many of the symbols that decorate the interior of our church. Our second is a page dedicated to the  individuals from Immaculate Conception who have answered God’s call to serve.

Although not a part of our website, there is a growing community of Immaculate Conception School alumni on Facebook.  With nearly 200 members, they are preserving memories of our old school through stories and photographs.