Video: Parish Update

Ever wonder what happens at Immaculate Conception between Sundays? Our latest video highlights just a few of the many activities from last week.  In this episode we see repairs to the air conditioning at Waldeisen Hall, continued restoration work in the church, a Generations of Faith team meeting and preparations for last week’s Spark|Faith movie night.

Water Woes

We, like many of you suffered water damage after the rains of July 19th.  One of the flat roofs was overwhelmed, backed up and sent water cascading down the walls and into the church ( video ).  Staff tried to vacuum up as much water as possible, but diocesan insurance sent us a restoration company who brought industrial fans and dehumidifiers.  In a preventative measure, our maintenance supervisor, John Hughes cut down the two evergreens whose needles have caused problems in the roof drains.   Helping out are parishioners Rob and Rita.