Easter scripture and message from Fr. Mike

Alleluia! He is Risen! Happy Easter everyone. We all know that this isn’t the Easter we had expected or planned. We can’t be together to celebrate this joyous feast as a parish family and we can’t gather around the family dinner table as we had anticipated. Although many traditions have been affected, Christ rose from the dead and that we can celebrate – each in our own way, from our own homes. Through video, we bring to you the Easter readings and Fr. Mike’s homily. As we watch and listen, let us pray for one another, for all who have died, who are sick. who have lost loved ones to this terrible virus and to the time we can all gather once more to worship our Risen Lord. In the meantime, let us remember that the Church isn’t just the place we go to worship – let us remember that we are the Church and express that through our love of neighbor and our compassion for those in need. May the light of Christ brighten the way through this difficult time and may God bless each of you and keep you safe.