We’re back!

It was so good to see people come through the doors of the church last weekend – first time since March 17th. It looked a bit strange as everyone had masks on and had to learn how to navigate the new guidelines, but all in all things went pretty well. The number of people coming for worship were down and that was expected. Please know that we miss those of you who are choosing to stay home, that we fully respect your decision and that we look forward to the day this pandemic is eradicated and we can all be together once again. Starting this weekend, Trinity Sunday, we’ll have the full bulletin once again and will continue to place copies at the back door of the church for those not yet coming to Mass and who don’t have a computer to see the bulletin on our website.

The staff is so very grateful for your faithful stewardship of treasure; I.C. parishioners ROCK!!! If you’re coming to Mass, follow the guidelines and place your envelope in the basket at the front of the church. If you’re not yet able to come to Mass, please continue to mail in or drop off your envelopes or go online to make your contribution.

Please pray for an end to this pandemic, all those affected by it, our medical, hospital and military personnel and for our country as we work toward racial equality and understanding. Think about this from an unknown author that was posted on Facebook: “When Jesus said love your neighbor, He knew your neighbor would act, look, believe and love differently than you. It’s kind of the whole point.”