Kenmore Free Store News

The Kenmore Free Store, a partnership between Park United Methodist Church and Immaculate Conception Parish, has moved and is now located in the basement of the school at Immaculate Conception.  The entrance to the store is located at the back of the school, off the parking lot; the donation bin is in the same location. […]

36th reunion

On Friday, May 26th, 8 members of Women’s Renewal Team #1 reunited to celebrate the 36th anniversary of their renewal experience.  Friendships made in Christ, remain friendships forever or as the song goes,”Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them.”

What a weekend!

Deacon Bobby McWilliams became Fr. Bob McWilliams on Friday, May 19th when he and his 7 classmates were ordained to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood by Bishop Daniel Thomas at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. We had a bus full of people who made the trip to Cleveland for the happy occasion. […]

Mulch Day

In preparation for the upcoming First Mass, our Adopt-A-Plot holders prepared their areas and then awaited the delivery of 15 yards of red mulch. The result?  A very beautiful parish property.  Thank you to all who adopted plots and to Head of Maintenance, John Hughes.  Great job everyone!! I.C. Pride.

Deacon Bobby’s graduation

Deacon Bobby McWilliams and his 7 classmates graduated from St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology on Thursday, May 11th and received their Master of Divinity Degrees.  Bobby and 9 others also received a Master of Arts in Theology Degree.  Seniors at Borromeo Seminary received Certificates of Completion of the Borromeo Seminary Formation Program […]